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Robert DiCicco NSCA

Robert DiCicco NSCA

- Fitness Sifu -

personal training

strength training

corrective conditioning

evaluations of physical condition

Robert uses exercises and physical styles from a wide variety of disciplines from around the world, all of which he has been personally trained in for many years.

Robert trains

world-class athletes   as well as

regular people who want to be in shape.

In addition, Robert works with

overweight people who want to lose weight,   &

those recovering from injuries of all kinds,

from sprained ankles to broken necks to strokes.

contact me when you’re serious!


evaluation* - $150

cardio kickboxing - $30

workout session (1hr) - $35

corrective session (1hr) - $50

contact us for more info


Note that Robert requires that you be evaluated by him before he will begin working with you toward your fitness and/or recovery goals.

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